John Ebersberger is scheduled to teach at l’Atelier aux Couleurs, our local art academy (in Petaluma) July 6-10, 2009 . He’s an incredible colorist, and will be teaching ” Painting the Still-Life & Figure¬†in Full Spectrum Color”.¬† Please sign up! They may need to cancel since the class isn’t full. I’ll be there.

Color Study 3, John Ebersberger
Color Study 3, John Ebersberger

6 thoughts on “John Ebersberger Workshop

    • Just got the word that the class is on, even though only 1/2 full. It will be nice to get that more attention from this great artist, but I’d love to see home make a full paycheck! If anyone reading this is interested, please contact the school, as I know they’d welcome more students.

  1. I so wish I could attend! I’ve heard that his workshop is fabulous but it’s not working for me to do this year. I was glad to get the announcement it was a go and look forward to seeing your work.

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