John Ebersberger is scheduled to teach at l’Atelier aux Couleurs, our local art academy (in Petaluma) July 6-10, 2009 . He’s an incredible colorist, and will be teaching ” Painting the Still-Life & Figure in Full Spectrum Color”.  Please sign up! They may need to cancel since the class isn’t full. I’ll be there.

Color Study 3, John Ebersberger
Color Study 3, John Ebersberger

6 thoughts on “John Ebersberger Workshop

    • Just got the word that the class is on, even though only 1/2 full. It will be nice to get that more attention from this great artist, but I’d love to see home make a full paycheck! If anyone reading this is interested, please contact the school, as I know they’d welcome more students.

  1. I so wish I could attend! I’ve heard that his workshop is fabulous but it’s not working for me to do this year. I was glad to get the announcement it was a go and look forward to seeing your work.

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