I was looking through my reference photos and came across a memorable one from Pescadero State Beach.  Before the “dot-com” money ran out, in the years I was painting full-time, I used to paint here often with early artist friends like Kim Fancher-Lordier, Ann McMillan, Julia Seelos, Cathy Boyer, Cynthia DeBenedetti , et al.   We’d paint all day, and when I had the energy, I’d paint the sunset.  It’s not easy painting a sunset plein air!  But it was fun.  You got to react, and painting quickly keeps things loose and honest.

Of course, this is from a reference photo, so I had a bit more time.  I’m not entirely happy with the photo, as I’m not sure the color saturation is right (looks a bit dull). I wish I had a digital scanner for works larger than 9×12!  If readers like it, I’ll add it to my show at Viewpoints Gallery (July 6-31) and you can see it in person.

And yes, this image is reminiscent of another you might remember.  The sky does create clouds that repeat certain elements–they have a kind of anatomy.  Enjoy.

Pesadero Sunset, Oil on Linen, 10x12
Pesadero Sunset, Oil on Linen, 10x12



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