After finishing “Thanksgiving Day Snow” I decided it was still (barely) warm enough to do another quick study, so–standing in the same spot–I turned left and painted this scene. The Laderman’s–Mike and my longtime friends, like family really–spent Thanksgiving at their beautiful home at Tahoe Pines (just south of Tahoe City).

I like this one. The red in the back represents the cabin, next over. I tried to suggest it with some strong verticals and horozontals that suggest a man-made object. I think it “reads”. I kept the rocks a nice transparent wash of Alizarin Crimson and Sap green. The shadow colors are warm/cool variations of blues, blue-green and blue-violet. The sunlit snow is actually white with a little Hansa Yellow, but the photograph doesn’t really pick that up, looks plain white here.

Laderman's Rock Wall

Laderman’s Rock Wall – Oil on Linen – 10×8″

4 thoughts on “Rock Wall at the Laderman’s

  1. Thanks, Linda. I love your post today (11/26). Again, can’t believe you posted so quickly, but you are on east coast time, I suppose. Looks like we’re both exploring horozontal and vertical shadow casts. Cheers!

  2. Hi Ed,
    This painting is a stunning piece of work! Great snow and shadow work. I think the red of the cabin next door really enhances the foreground and overal image. Excellent work Ed!!

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