I received my acceptance letter today from the San Luis Obispo Art Center for Plein Air 2007, were I will rigourously defend my First Place title and try to beat my arch nemisis, Scott Lloyd Andersen, who won “Best of Show” 🙂 Stay tuned! The battle will continue!
Plein Air Geek Fight

4 thoughts on “San Luis Obispo Plein Air 2007

  1. Sir! You have thrown down the gauntlet!

    May a cloud come over and spoil that sunny painting of yours! May an earthquake arise at the moment you draw your rigger toward that climatic glint of a highlight on a late afternoon Pacific seascape! May a seal lion mistake your turp container for a tasty treat and leap up to slurp it thus depriving you of clean brushes, resulting in muddy colors!

    In the meantime, I’ll catch your act in Telluride at their plein air event! Sharpen your wits! The game is on!

    How geeky is this? Plein air painters sparring!

    Hey Tina you big lard, come get your ham! (I love that movie).

    Seriously, your website is a gas! These maps are amazing in detail. I painted in Half Moon Bay three or four years ago on a bluff looking south toward that peninsula with the Coast Guard station. Cloudy, but the sun came out and lit a strip of beach on the far coastline. Just lovely.

    Looking forward to seeing your mug in Colorado. You Nard!!@!#%&??

    —With the utmost collegial respect,

    Scott Lloyd Anderson

  2. Oh, sure, Scott–sit huddled in your frigid Minneapolis studio and write your theats on your Soviet-era PC with 300 baud dial-up and spey your venim over the blogosphere!

    Let’s meet in Telluride in a few weeks (where you don’t have a chance, my friend! Paul Kreatter and I will whip your mid-west fanny–go West Coast!) at a local pub and settle this like men!

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This offer not valid in Colorado.

  3. Mr Ed,

    So your training with the Russian/Armenian Ovanes Berberian and he can kick Joe Paquet’s butt? Well, Joe’s only from New Jersey, so I suppose Ovanes’s passport has more stamps in it!

    Good luck with the workshop. I looked up Master Berberian’s work at Total Arts Gallery and he looks like a good fit for you. His work is wonderful for sure, though a little loose for me, as you know. On that one sunset painting of his there’s was that rock 30 yards back in the middle foreground on the left behind that bush where I woulda added a little more reflected light in the shadow….aside from that, he’s a great painter!

    Looking forward to breakin’ bread with you in Telluride, even if you are breathin’ down my neck like a rabid dog on a bone!

    May your palette’s last dollop of titanium white become infected with thalo green,

    —Scott Lloyd Anderson

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