When I travel without my paint, I get figidity. What to do?

I just got back from 4 days in Lincoln, Nebraska for my nephew’s high school graduation. It was a great trip. In between events, I’d go for walks (wherever I was), sit down and sketch a bit. They say you should always carry a sketchbook, but I usually forget. Remembering that the purpose of ad-hoc sketching is to better your skills, does it matter what you sketch on, or what you sketch? Hey I may not be the “Master of Blight” (William Wray), but I can learn from sketching anything, including a trash can.

BTW, Katherine Tyrrell’s blog, “Travels with a Sketchbook” provides some great examples and discusses technique.
Here are a couple of quick sketches of downtown Lincoln.

Trash Can, Lincoln Nebraska NE

UNL, Lincoln, NE

And here’s Mike and I with our nephew Nick Cruickshank. Congrats, Nick!

Ed Terpening, Nicolas Ryan Cruickshank and Michael Estrada - Graduation, Lincoln NE


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