The weather’s been crap here in San Francisco, so I’ve been painting a bit indoors. This is painting is from a digital image I took from a cruise ship we were on this past summer (from Athens to Venice). There were some great sunsets at sea. I recall a cruise we took in 2000 (when we were flush with “” money!) to the Northern Europe (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, etc). We traveled in late June, and the sunsets lasted for hours. Can you image! No rushing to paint it, sit back.

This one I’d focused on the texture of the paint to add drama, but I also end up using a lot of paint in sunsets just because there’s a lot of re-adjusting of color and value. These relationships in sunsets are quite subtle. I miss painting them plein air–perhaps in Hawaii, coming up next week!

Sunset at Sea (off Croatia), Oil on Linen, 10×8

6 thoughts on “Sunset at Sea

  1. Yea, sunset or rise colors are a challenge. These colors look great, and I love the impasto. Have fun and learn a lot next week. I assume you will be painting with Camille? She came to Sacramento about 12 years ago (maybe a little longer) to show and talk about her work at the Sacramento Illustrator’s Guild (I was the last president of this long defunct org.). What a great artist!

  2. Thanks Austin, Nancy and David! I hope to paint sunsets nightly in Kauai next week–and yes, David, I am studying with Camille. I’ve studied with her several times and think she’s great. I am studying with Mark Kerckhoff in Palm Springs next month.

  3. It has been a long time since I last visited your blog and I am delighted to see this sunset. I have really missed out. I hope you were able to see the eclipse of the moon last night. In a couple of days I hope to paint it.

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