While I’m recovering from surgery this week, I’m slowed down quite a bit by medication  Since my surgery Monday, today is the first day I felt I could paint.  To keep things simple, I decided to continue using a painting knife (no brushes to clean!).  Realizing I have a show in Lake Tahoe coming up, I decided to look through reference photos of mountains/lakes.  I came across a photo from The Grand Tetons, an iconic mountain range.

It’s not easy painting icons (try painting the Golden Gate Bridge!), so in this case, rather than show the entire ridge, I choose one section to focus on.  Makes it more generic, and so less subject to the issues I have with painting iconic images–it’s like painting a portrait: the likeness must be solid, which leaves a little less room for free interpretation.  How do you handle painting iconic images?

The trees in this photo look darker than the original, but you get the idea.  Enjoy!

The Grand Tetons, Oil on Linen, 11x14
The Grand Tetons, Oil on Linen, 11x14



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