We started the day reviewing a slide show that Gay had prepared, including works by her teacher Serge Bongard. I completed two in-class studios and one quick painting after class. I couldn’t get a good photograph of the first study, so haven’t posted that one. Here are the other two.

Plums and flowers:


Red Still Life – Oil on Linen – 6×8 – SOLD
I did this quick study of cactus outside of town. I’ve never painted cactus before. I need to figure out their “gesture”, that is, the movement and shapes that make a cactus a cactus. This allows me to abstract out objects.


Scottsdale Cactus Study – Oil on Linen – 8×10SOLD

6 thoughts on “Gay Faulkenberry Workshop: Day 3

  1. Bart Westgeest says:

    Following with interest Ed!

    What’s the main focus of the workshop? Colour, colour harmony?

    Nice to see the cactus painting, it is special in a way that although you painted it on the spot it has a sort of indoor feel to it if you ask me, Might be influences from the workshop and your main attention to the cactus.

  2. I didn’t have a particular focus, in fact I signed up for the class because a friend did ­čÖé in the end, this class is about dediacated painting time. Practice, practice, practice.

  3. Debbie Sessel says:

    Ed….I love the studies you have done. Great, bright colors and wonderful change to the outdoors. I love “Grapefruits and Apples”, “Red Still Life” and “Scottsdale Cactus Study”. You say you need paint….how much for these pieces!!!


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