Okay, I need your help blogosphere! I need to pick the top 3 paintings for the jury, and top 6 for the exhibition. I’ve listed my picks below. This group has done a great job last year, making suggestions and providing a much needed second pair of eyes. You know when you look at your own work too much, you loose some perspective. My personal favorites aside, I need to pick work the judge and collectors will most appreciate.

So, tear pause your Tivo with Larry King’s coverage of Britney Spears and chime in with your comments!

UPDATE [5-Oct]: I left out a painting, Rocks and Surf, below. Is it in the right order? I didn’t put it in the top 3 or 6…should it be? Thanks!

Top 3 for the Judge

Untitled – Oil on Linen – 12×16?

Bluffs (Montaña de Oro) – Oil on Linen – 16×20″

Tom’s Boat – Oil on Linen – 16×12″

Backup for sold paintings

Morro Bay Nocturne – Oil on Linen – 9×12?

Sweet Springs Marsh – Oil on Linen – 12×16?

UPDATE [5-Oct]: I adjust the edges of the distant hills, and better explained the light on the water, lower part of the painting. I think this now reads better (note: this photo isn’t great, the colors aren’t as true as the image above):

Sweet Springs Marsh – Oil on Linen – 12×16?

Near Laguna Lake – Oil on Linen – 9×12?

Rocks & Surf (Montaña de Oro) – Oil on Linen – 9×12?

Sycamore – Oil on Linen – 16×12

Cambria Bluffs – Oil on Linen – 12×16


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