Another great day in Telluride! I stuck to painting in town again today, there’s really so much here. I also need to start thinking about tomorrow’s “Quick Draw” competition and find a spot. We’ll have 90 minutes to complete a painting for judging and then live auction. This will be the first test of sales here, which I hear are pretty good. The town boasts celebrities like Oprah and Tom Cruise, who was spotted by a friend in the market. PLEASE, PLEASE Tom Cruise buy one of my paintings in this show! Imagine, being able to list him or Oprah as a collectors. Sweet.

Speaking of sweet, both my paintings today are a bit riotous in the color department and done on the same corner, looking in opposite directions. Although I don’t generally enjoy painting architecture, I do like painting man-made stuff because the colors are stronger than I often seen in nature.

Here’s my first, morning effort. The always affable Keith Wicks was just across the street from me, in fact that’s his truck in shadow. Keith is a great humanitarian. He founded the Sonoma Plein Air event, a fund raiser for local art programs. He also co-founded this event, a fund raiser for the local Sheridan Opera House, which itself hosts many non-profit events for the community.

Fir Street, Telluride

Fir Street, Telluride – Oil on Linen – 12×16 (AVAILABLE)

After a nice rest, I did this afternoon painting. Fourth of July in Telluride is supposed to be quite an event. A great small-town parade, that apparently everyone tries to participate in, including local Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the coalition forces in the First Gulf War. One year the artists road in the back of a pickup truck, waving their paint brushes.

Fourth of July in Telluride – Oil on Linen – 10×8 (AVAILABLE)

I need to pick one painting for the competition by tomorrow night. I’ll try to post whatever I do in the morning…but, of all the paintings done so far, which is your favorite?

9 thoughts on “Telluride Plein Air, Day 4

  1. Deborah Cushman says:

    Hi Ed, I love Telluride Alley because it is so unique, but I keep going back to Alta Lake for its sense of light and composition as my 1st choice.

    Good Luck!

  2. Good Morning Ed!
    I’m rooting for Oprah to buy my favorite “Alta Lake #2″….it has that something special, bet it’s even nicer in “person”. Good Luck!
    Thanks for the nap tip…I’m taking a Scott Christensen 10 day workshop in September and I thinking naps sound good!!!!
    ( Number 2 pick would be “Fir Street, Tellaride”…I really like the way you handled the truck in shade and umbrellas in light.)
    Paint on!!!

  3. Ed,

    My favorites are Alta Lake #2 and Telluride Gondola.

    It’s great fun reading your blog and traveling vicariously with you. Good luck to you.


  4. Decker Walker says:

    Hi Ed,
    Here are my recommendations:

    First: Alta Lake #2 — classic evocation of the Rockies, good composition, fresh color, well done

    Second: 4th of July — iconic image of small town 4th (think Charles Ives music); bold, appealing color

    Very close third and my own sentimental favorite: Telluride Alley — unusual and interesting composition, theme of man and nature, fresh color, although I’ve never been to Telluride I’ve seen small old towns in the Rockies and this painting best evokes the look and feel of the towns I’ve seen.

    Congratulations on the paintings and best of luck in the judging and sales!

  5. Carole Abla says:

    Hi Ed!

    Great job on your paintings so far.

    My #1 choice is Alta Lake #2. You have captured that wonderful quality of morning light….great job

    My #2 choice is Telluride Gondola. I love the sense of space and feeling….clean….crisp…and I wish I was there (if I could get enough nerve to get inside the gondola) hehe!

    I am rooting for you! Good luck, and congratulations on the wonderful paintings you have so far.

  6. Hi Ed, I love the Telluride Gondola, great comp and colors, like I told you, I feel the altitude. Alta Lake #2 is very special and I would pick that for the contest, it is a ‘grand’ view. Congratulations, good luck, and thank you for taking us along on your painting excursions. The city scapes or village scapes are very nice, too. I’m a patriotic nut, so the flag grabs my heart.


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